Webster’s Contemporary Spanish-English Dictionary


A Comprehensive Bilingual Dictionary

This essential volume covers the core vocabulary of American English and of Latin-American Spanish.

It is ideal for those who need to speak and write effectively in Spanish and English as they are used today. Teachers and learners, travelers and business people at all skill levels agree that this is the best Spanish-English dictionary for their needs.

Features of this Book
  • More than 80,000 words and phrases with over 100,000 translations
  • Bidirectional Spanish to English and English to Spanish
  • Spanish terminology and idioms unique to Central and South America
  • Clearly written definitions make this dictionary accessible to all skill levels
  • Thousands of examples of words and phrases in context clarify the subtle distinctions between similar words and show how to use them properly
  • Special sections cover Spanish grammar and conjugation of Spanish verbs

About the Editors

ABOUT THE EDITORS OF MERRIAM-WEBSTER The editors of Merriam-Webster have been creating dictionaries and other language reference works to the highest standards of quality and reliability since 1847.