Webster’s Dictionary for Students, Special Encyclopedic Edition, Fourth Edition


A Great Dictionary Plus a Fact-Filled Encylopedic Section

This kid-friendly dictionary has been created for students in grades 3-6. It contains all the elements of Webster’s Dictionary for Students, Fourth Edition plus a special encyclopedic section that is chock-full of fascinating information about the world around us. Both the dictionary and encyclopedic section have been fully updated.

Features of this Book
  • 37.000 definitions of words kids use every day
  • Ideal for students learning dictionary skills
  • North American edition – contains Canadian words and spellings
  • Value-priced for budget conscious parents and teachers

About the Editors

ABOUT THE EDITORS OF MERRIAM-WEBSTER The editors of Merriam-Webster have been creating dictionaries and other language reference works to the highest standards of quality and reliability since 1847.